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Welcome to Travelwood!


Travelwood is a one-woman business based and established 2015 in Germany.


On this website you can find handmade arts & crafts as well as atmospheric photographs inspired by our beautiful nature, landscapes and wildlife which are source of my inspiration.

Wood and other natural materials are the heart of my handcrafted objects. By traveling both privatley and as a tourguide I find my inspiration for Travelwood’s handcrafted objects in local nature and in the spirit of different regions of the world.

On my photographs you find the expression of what I see and feel with heart and soul. Landscapes, animals, situations.

At this moment in time my work is mostly inspired by Scandinavia, the Alps and Italy.

Even if you don’t understand every single (german) word on Travelwood, it’s worth the visit. Just stroll a little bit… and feel free to have a click on the PHOTO GALLERY and the ONLINE SHOP.


If you like to contact Travelwood, please send an email ( or visit my facebook account




Caro Lindig